Hi, I’m Maximilian Jänicke, a middle-aged full time media designer and pre-press specialist from Frankfurt, Germany with artistic ambitions in my spare time. Productivity mostly peaks around vacations and this is why this humble website mainly focuses around travel photography. 

Oh, and I also host and built this website by my own*.

About Me

I was born on a very hot Sunday in June of the year 1972, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. My mother Spanish, my father German, I was brought up bilingually and enjoyed ever since then, these two cultures and mentalities. After finishing school I absolved an education as a printer with main focus on pre-press, at a small print shop in my home town near Frankfurt. It was that same small print shop were I got in touch with reprographic techniques and Desktop Publishing for the first time. I actually work as an employed full-time media designer and pre-press operator at a retail brand agency near Wiesbaden.

Being of curious nature and interested in a broad spectrum of things in general, I soon found a way of expressing things through visual media. The early 90s were also the time of the digital revolution in the printing industry. DTP spread rapidly and finally became affordable for everyone. In the following years I became a self-taught media designer and this is since then my profession. Eighteen years old, I got my first video camera. From then on, I also became inspired to transpose my ideas into moving pictures – instantly being fascinated by the possibilities this medium bares. The whole thing got a big push with my first ‘useful’ home computer – an Amiga 500. A few years later the advantage of computer aided non-linear video editing was a huge discovery for me. Finally I was able to really express all the ideas drowsing in my head, resulting in a numerous amount of mostly experimental video clips. (Un)fortunately everything of that period got lost over the years. 

Lately I’m focusing again on digital photography and its editing, mostly in the context of vacations. 

*Sitting on the shoulders of giants here. Without the help of tools like WordPress, Elementor, various Plug-Ins and their respective tutorials I wouldn’t be able to build anything.